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You guys totaled up to 400 yesterday and still growing… Which is pretty cool…. so thanks… latrs 


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Today in drama, we had two boys act as a gay couple, and this one homophobic kid in my class gets up, and he’s like “i’m going to shove that homosexuality up your ass!” and one of the boys acting gay turns to him, looks him dead in the eye and asks “isn’t that the point?”


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Yes PPL This Happened!!

Rita Ora Woulda Got Tossed


I’m actually not okay with the fact that Rita Ora ripped Zac Efrons shirt off. Yes he won an award for his abs but in that moment you CLEARLY saw that he didnt want to rip his shirt off. Once it came off he kept it cool and played it off, fuck was he supposed to do? Yell at her for exposing him? 

There was just something super gross about everyone just expecting him to offer himself up and the sea of women ogling at him like meat. Just gross. 

Yea Because the world doesn’t do that to women on a daily basis… Girl plz Zac knows what he is famous for and that award for his abs proves it. So here is some advice instead of being a total buzz kill for every girl and gay guy in the world shut up and enjoy the view. Be Blessed :)



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